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Crip Theory

Crip Theory: A scholarly methodology that examines disability via techniques of related fields such as queer theory, feminist thought and such subfields of the latter as intersectionality. Its very name is intentionally provocative since to call someone a “crip” is a social transgression and cruelty deplored by most feeling people.

Like queer theory, crip theory proudly, defiantly, playfully repositions a pejorative term (in this case not queer but crip, a slang term for a disabled person) and renders it a weapon in polemics against everything from international institutions such as the World Bank to schools of thought such as neoliberalism. Crip theory ranges widely, from political economy to literary and cultural studies. Its primary advocate and leading thinker is Robert McRuer.

Mr. McRuer has a Ph.D
And writes of disability
Using words like crip and queer
And I will end this entry here.