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International Symposium on Minority Health and Health Disparities
United States

International Symposium on Minority Health and Health Disparities

December 1–3, 2014 National Harbor, Maryland

The International Symposium on Minority Health and Health Disparities will convene December 1–3, 2014 in National Harbor, Maryland. Pre-Symposium Training workshops will take place December 1, 2014.

In keeping with the theme of the symposium, "Transdisciplinary Collaborations: Evolving Dimensions of US and Global Health Equity,” the scientific program will highlight the excellence and innovation in basic, translational, and clinical research from the programs supported by the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIMHD). The Symposium has been designed to offer opportunities for sharing research information in areas related to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, cancer, women's health, mental health, infectious disease, stroke, and behavioral and community health with special emphasis on minority health and health disparities. We invite others who are engaged in clinical, translational, basic science, education, and policy research in minority health and health disparities to join us.

Academic, African American, Behavioral Scientist, Health Services Researcher, Latino/Hispanic, Native American, Nurse, Nurse Researcher, Pacific Islander, Physician, Physician Researcher, Policy Analyst, Public Health Expert, Public Health Worker, Public Servant, Social Scientist
2014 National TB Conference
United States

2014 National TB Conference

June 10-13, 2014 Atlanta, Georgia

As a part of its mission, the National Tuberculosis Controllers Association (NTCA) helps to organize the National TB Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. TB controllers, physicians, nurses, laboratorians, epidemiologists, health educators, and CDC staff share their expertise and experience at this conference.

The title for the 2014 conference is “Sharing the Vision of TB Elimination.” The main conference will be held June 11-13, 2014, at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead Hotel, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Epidemiologist, Nurse, Nurse Researcher, Physician, Physician Researcher, Public Health Expert, Public Health Worker, Public Servant
AABB Annual Meeting
United States

AABB Annual Meeting

October 25-28, 2014 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mark your calendar now and plan to join us in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the AABB Annual Meeting! Join approximately 6,000 attendees and attend over 120 educational sessions, review approximately 700 scientific and administrative abstracts and visit an exhibit hall filled with nearly 200 companies. As the premier event for the transfusion medicine and cellular therapies industry, attendees will learn the latest in transfusion medicine and cellular therapies, advance their career, explore state-of-the-art products and services and network with colleagues.The world awaits your research! Don’t miss this opportunity to share important new knowledge with your colleagues, furthering the quality of patient care while increasing your visibility as a participating member in the transfusion medicine and cellular therapy communities.

Hematologist, Physician, Physician Researcher
American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons 24th Annual Meeting 2014
United States

American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons 24th Annual Meeting 2014

November 7-9, 2014 Dallas, Texas

The AAHKS Annual Meeting provides a timely, peer-reviewed program that presents the current evidence-based approach to delivering hip and knee arthroplasty care. This three-day event facilitates interaction among colleagues who are interested in the latest innovation, challenges and opportunities to improve the quality of their practice.

Orthopedic Surgeon, Physician, Physician Researcher
Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Tenth Annual Biomarkers & Diagnostics World Congress
United States

Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Tenth Annual Biomarkers & Diagnostics World Congress

April 30-May 2, 2014 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The signature event in Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Biomarker Series, the Tenth Annual Biomarkers & Diagnostics World Congress 2014 is dedicated to all areas of biomarker research spanning the pharmaceutical and diagnostic pipeline. The meeting brings together a unique and international mix of large and medium pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostics companies, leading universities and clinical research institutions, government and national labs, CROs, emerging companies and tool providers-making the Congress a perfect meeting-place to share experience, foster collaborations across industry and academia, and evaluate emerging technologies. The Congress also offers a balance of scientific sessions covering the latest research and strategic presentations and brainstorming sessions for the decision makers. Now in its tenth year, the Biomarkers & Diagnostics World Congress is the leading annual meeting dedicated to biomarker and diagnostics research and implementation that consistently delivers a cutting-edge agenda, 400+ senior delegates, and a sold-out exhibit hall.

The World Congress will continue offering comprehensive coverage of biomarkers in drug development, including translational biomarkers, patient selection and drug-diagnostic co-development. The Executive Summit on Companion Diagnostics is designed to bring together drug development and diagnostics leaders to brainstorm strategies for Rx-Dx co-development, including reimbursement, regulatory, and technology/implementation strategies. The Clinical Biomarker Assay Development track, will provide complete coverage on biomarker assay development technologies, regulation, and clinical utility. Finally, a new track on Mutation Analysis for Clinical Biomarkers and Diagnostics will cover the recent research and technologies related to genomic analysis to guide clinical decision making. Please join us for comprehensive scientific coverage and unparallel networking opportunities at the Tenth Anniversary Congress.

Pharmaceutical Scientist, Pharmacologist, Physician Researcher, Public Servant
Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Biologics Formulation and Delivery Summit
United States

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Biologics Formulation and Delivery Summit

May 5-7, 2014 Boston, Massachusetts

Advances in molecular biology and biotechnology have allowed for the large-scale production of effective and potent biotherapeutic drugs.  Major research issues in protein/peptide delivery include the stabilization of proteins in delivery devices and the design of appropriate target-specific carriers. CHI’s Inaugural Biologics Formulation and Delivery Summit will provide a forum for focused discussions on current challenges and opportunities in delivery of biotherapeutics. This multi-track summit will discuss various formulation and device-based approaches for designing physiologically relevant, patient friendly, targeted biologics products.

Pharmaceutical Scientist, Pharmacologist, Physician Researcher
Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Fourteenth Annual Structure-Based Drug Design: Using Structure and Rational Design to Accelerate Discovery
United States

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Fourteenth Annual Structure-Based Drug Design: Using Structure and Rational Design to Accelerate Discovery

May 21-22, 2014 Boston, Massachusetts

Experimental methods such as X-ray crystallography, NMR, and computational chemistry techniques have led to a better understanding and larger knowledge base of 3-dimensional structures and binding events, encouraging rapid development of structure-based drug design. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Fourteenth Annual Structure-Based Drug Design event will showcase informative, high-quality case studies, innovative techniques, and strategies to move from computation to experiment, and finally, to drug. Top scientists from pharma and biotech will address how they are hitting epigenetic targets, provide updates on the newest wave of GPCRs and other membrane proteins, and discuss the latest in fragment-based drug design. Attendees will return to their organizations with fresh perspectives and new ideas to maximize productivity and increase successes in drug discovery.

Pharmaceutical Scientist, Pharmacologist, Physician Researcher
3rd World Congress on Controversies in the Management of Viral Hepatitis

3rd World Congress on Controversies in the Management of Viral Hepatitis

May1-3, 2014 Berlin, Germany

The large attendance and enthusiastic feedback from the 1st Congress and in particular the 2nd Congress held in Berlin this October, illustrated the need for this unique meeting completely focusing on the needs of the busy clinician caring for HCV and HBV infected patients.

The C-Hep Congress attempts to summarize all the key new data recently presented – and how it might be implemented in routine care of Hepatitis B and C patients. Overviews, state of the art lectures and controversial debates with the outstanding faculty of the top world leaders presenting both pro and con positions challenge and explore the optimal treatment for patients, with emphasis on the appropriate use of new and emerging drugs.

This educational Congress focuses on clinical practices in Viral Hepatitis and benefits not only Hepatologists and Infectious Diseases specialist, but also general practitioners, internists and primary care physicians with a desire to gain knowledge on these exciting advances.

The format includes a significant allocation of time for interactive debates and questions from the audience to each panel of experts. Participants are encouraged to take an active role in the discussions with faculty members which follow each debate, in a unique and open environment.

Hepatologist, Internist, Physician, Primary Care Physician
Williams Syndrome: Insight from Genetics, Psychology, Neuroscience & Medicine
United States

Williams Syndrome: Insight from Genetics, Psychology, Neuroscience & Medicine

Williams Syndrome Association 2014 Professional Conference

June 30 - July 1, 2014 Garden Grove,  California

The 14th International Professional Conference on Williams Syndrome will bring together outstanding individuals from diverse disciplines who are committed to furthering the knowledge of Williams syndrome. The most up to date information and findings will be presented over two days (June 30 at 1:30 PM to  - July 1, 2014) in platform presentations and a poster session. Each platform session will include a presentation of abstracts selected from those submitted, in addition to invited speakers. Numerous opportunities for dialogue and small group networking are also built into the schedule.

The Professional Conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency - Orange County in Garden Grove, CA.  The meeting will precede the 16th Williams Syndrome Association Family Convention “Catch a Wave to a Promising Future” which will be attended by approximately 1200 people.

Geneticist , Neuroscientist, Physician Researcher, Psychologist
Amazonian Conference on Emerging and Infectious Diseases
French Guiana

Amazonian Conference on Emerging and Infectious Diseases

26th to September 28th, 2014 Cayenne, French Guiana

Organized by the STRonGer consortium, the Amazonian Conference on Emerging and Infectious Diseases (ACEID) will be held from September 26th to September 28th, 2014 in Cayenne, French Guiana.

Since the late 19th century, tremendous efforts have been made to fight against infectious agents responsible for human diseases. The development of hygiene, including the quality of drinking water, better food, the advent and generalization of vaccination, the widespread use of pesticides as well as antibiotics are only a few steps that led to a drastic reduction of public health burden due to infectious diseases.

However, parasites, bacteria and viruses remain a major cause of human mortality worldwide. New diseases have emerged, others have re-emerged in areas where they had been eradicated or at least controlled, and a few others have seen their geographical distribution dramatically expanded.

In parallel with the emergence of new infectious agents, we have to face an increased resistance of bacteria, parasites and viruses respectively to antibiotics, antiparasitic and antiviral molecules. Lastly, numerous arthropod vectors have developed a resistance to insecticide molecules commonly used for vector control.

Some of these infectious agents and their associated diseases have a huge impact worldwide on public health and socio-economic development. Their control has become a major political and strategic international issue. This has led to increased institutional support of research.

In this context, there is an important need for sharing and disseminating the latest developments in emerging and infectious diseases field within the scientific community. The Amazonian Conference on Emerging and Infectious Diseasesthus aims to get together a broad range of scientists “linking fieldwork, benchside and bedside approaches”.

Attending this conference will be the opportunity to stimulate and strengthen collaborations across fields, and to network with a worldwide interdisciplinary group including researchers and academics, as well as health professionals.


Chikungunya: epidemiological situation, virological & entomological context, public health answers

Diseases at the interface of humans, wildlife and other animals

Dynamics of ID: Tele-epidemiology and spatio-temporal approaches

Ecological factors and climate change in disease emergenceGenetics of insecticide resistance

Infections related to travel and migration

Influenza and other respiratory infections

Innovation in diagnostic tests

Mechanisms of drug resistance

Methods and models of disease surveillance detection and prediction

Molecular epidemiology of malaria

New, emerging and neglected diseases

Omics for pathogen discovery

Omics in drug discovery

Outbreak modeling

Outbreak response and control

Population genetics of parasites and vectors

Tools for detection of resistance

Vector competence

Vector-borne diseases

Epidemiologist, Physician Researcher, Public Health Expert, Public Health Worker, Veterinary Scientist, Virologist