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YAI International Conference on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
United States
New York

YAI International Conference on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

May 4 – May 7, 2015 New York, New York

YAI's International Conference on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (ID/DD) is a global gathering on the future of the field and serves as a major forum for the exchange of ideas and information pertaining to programs, policies and strategies that enhance the lives of people with ID/DD. The conference attracts an annual audience of over 2,500 advocates, providers and specialists from throughout the United States and abroad. The event, hosted at the Hilton New York Midtown, features over 250 presenters exploring critical topic areas such as:

• New models of support

• Quality of Life

• Self Direction

• Advocacy

• Creating inclusive communities

• Staff development

• Evidence-based practices

• Family empowerment

• Technology and innovation

• Thought leadership

Who attends

Family members, people with disabilities, physicians, direct support professionals, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, administrators, higher education faculty, early intervention and special education professionals, behavioral health professionals and anyone working or committed to creating a society that embraces difference. 


Conference Manager

Academic, Allied Health Professional, Community Activist, Educator, Occupational Therapist, Parent, Physical Therapist, Social Worker, Speech Pathologist
34th Annual International Academy of Nursing Editors Meeting
United States

34th Annual International Academy of Nursing Editors Meeting

August 3-5, 2015 Las Vegas, Nevada

Nurse Researcher
Academy of Osseointegration 30th Annual Meeting
United States

Academy of Osseointegration 30th Annual Meeting

March 12-14, 2015 San Francisco, California

Each year, the AO Annual Meeting continues the tradition of promoting professional excellence and fellowship in exciting locations around the United States. AO members as well as non-members come together for this popular collection of educational symposia and social events. Known for its diversity in cutting-edge presentations by world-renown speakers, this internationally acclaimed conference provides excellence in education and development of dental implant technology and clinical/surgical practice.

Allied Health Professional, Dentist
8th International Driving Symposium on Human Factors in Driver Assessment, Training and Vehicle Design
United States

8th International Driving Symposium on Human Factors in Driver Assessment, Training and Vehicle Design

June 22-25, 2015 Salt Lake City, Utah


Kathy Holeton
The University of Iowa/PPC
210 South Quadrangle
Iowa City, Iowa 52242


Phone: (319) 335-6804

Behavioral Scientist, Computer Scientist, Psychologist, Public Health Expert, Public Health Worker, Public Servant, Technologist
Workshop Conference of the Association for Anthropology and Gerontology
United States

Workshop Conference of the Association for Anthropology and Gerontology

February 5-7, 2015 Miami, Florida

The next Workshop Conference of the Association for Anthropology and Gerontology will be held at Florida International University in Miami, February 5-7, 2015.

This year’s conference theme is: “Health Disparities in Aging.” We will consider entries on aging among minority groups, the experience of aging among immigrants, and other vulnerable populations around the world.

The AAGE conference is a small-scale meeting devoted to anthropological approaches to aging research, with ample opportunities for interaction and discussions without the distractions of a larger conference. AAGE conferences provide valuable opportunities to receive feedback on new work, hear “what’s happening” in the anthropology of aging, share tips on research techniques and resources, expand your networks, and reflect on and contribute to the direction of AAGE’s future development as an organization. Papers from past conferences have been published as a special issue of the association’s journal. There will be mentoring opportunities for students, and a session with the local department of aging on applying aging research to policy.

Academic, Gerontologist, Social Scientist
4th International Conference on Computational & Mathematical Biomedical Engineering

4th International Conference on Computational & Mathematical Biomedical Engineering

29 June - 1 July 2015

Ecole Normale Superieure de Cahan (ENS Cachan) 61 Avenue du President Wilson 94230 Cachan, France

Computational and Mathematical Biomedical Engineering is a rapidly expanding research area with the promise of considerable implications on human health and wellbeing. Computational and mathematical modelling now plays a significant role in improving our knowledge of the biological processes in the human body and the pathophysiology of diseases. In addition, it supports the development of appropriate diagnostic tools, new instrumentation and medical devices to enable better clinical outcomes.

The International Conference on Computational & Mathematical Biomedical Engineering aims at bringing together fellow researchers and academics, specialists of several disciplines, practitioners and graduate students with a common interest, to discuss the current state of the art of Computational Biomedical Engineering research.


• Cardiovascular problems

• Respiratory systems

• Biofluid Mechanics

• Soft tissue, constitutive modelling

• Experimental validation

• Numerical methods

• Multiscale modelling

• Analytical approaches

• High performance computing

• Biological heat and mass transfer

• Biology and its links to diseases

• Biomechanics and Oncology

• Clinical relevance

• Imaging and image processing

• Uncertainty quantification

• Biomedical devices

Biologist, Biomedical Engineer, Computer Scientist, Physician Researcher, Technologist
11th Annual International Conference on Kinesiology and Exercise Sciences

11th Annual International Conference on Kinesiology and Exercise Sciences

27-30 July 2015 Athens, Greece

The Sports Research Unit of the Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) will hold its 11th Annual International Conference on Kinesiology and Exercise Sciences, 27-30 July 2015. The conference website is  The aim of the conference is to bring together scholars and students of all areas of applied and integrated health sciences, including physiology, health psychology, health promotion, epidemiology, biomechanics, sports medicine, training methods, nutrition, and physical education.

Allied Health Professional, Nutritionist, Physical Therapist, Physician, Physician Researcher, Physiologist, Psychologist
London Eating Disorders Conference 2015
United Kingdom

London Eating Disorders Conference 2015

18th, 19th and 20th March 2015 London, United Kingdom

We are delighted to announce that our 12th International London Eating Disorders Conference, one of the leading and most respected eating disorders conferences in the world, is taking place on 18th, 19th and 20th March 2015.

Plenary themes

1. Stigma, shame and disgust

2. Making diagnosis clinically relevant

3. Evidence based practice: research, clinical and patient perspectives

Conference format

This three day, CPD certified conference combines plenary sessions, short papers and posters. These will convey the very latest ideas and research findings in the field of eating disorders. The aim is to encourage maximum response from participants and a lively exchange of ideas.

The conference offers participants the opportunity to choose six 90 minute sessions out of a total of 36 to maximise the relevance of the meeting to each individual.

Behavioral Scientist, Physician, Physician Researcher, Psychologist
Association of Oncology Social Work 31st Annual Conference
United States

Association of Oncology Social Work 31st Annual Conference

“Leading With Skill and Passion: Oncology Social Workers at the Forefront of Cancer Care”

May 20-22, 2015 Seattle, Washington

The AOSW Annual Conference is a unique opportunity for oncology social workers, their colleagues and companies that support patients and healthcare providers to gather information, share knowledge, support and guide each other.

Each year, AOSW Annual Conference Committee members organize the annual conference around presentations and educational sessions that reflect the most current issues facing adult oncology social workers, while also embracing and incorporating lessons previously shared. In this way AOSW honors its past as it prepares to meet future challenges and opportunities that are not only welcomed but actively sought.

The AOSW 31st Annual Conference in 2015 will be held in Seattle, Washington, USA. Known for its spirit of optimism, Seattle is an ideal backdrop for the AOSW conference. Like AOSW, Seattle places a priority on continuing to expand and grow its diverse communities.

Social Worker
46th American Society of Addiction Medicine Annual Conference
United States

46th American Society of Addiction Medicine Annual Conference

Innovations in Addiction Medicine and Science

April 23 – 26, 2015 Austin, Texas

The ASAM Annual Conference is the nation’s premiere event providing the latest innovations and scientific developments in Addiction Medicine.  The annual conference has been re-named (formerly Med-Sci) to reflect some exciting new changes in format and structure to provide learning in a more interactive, casual and fun environment. 

Join the largest gathering of addiction physicians, psychiatrists, clinicians, researchers and academicians who treat and help patients with substance use disorders in Austin, TX on April 23 – 26, 2015.  Meeting highlights include; Symposia, Workshops, Poster Sessions, Special Focus Sessions and New Fun Events designed to allow more casual learning and networking.  Participate in the front-running conference that specializes in addiction medicine;

Learn about new strategies for diagnosis, treatment, patient care and public policy

Explore the newest developments defining the field of addiction medicine

Network with medical professionals, clinicians, researchers, leading scientists and policy advocates

Find out about the latest science from leaders of federal agencies and institutions

Discover the newest technologies, techniques, tools and practices

Engage in discussions about strategies of integration of addiction medicine and primary care

Educational Purpose

To present the most up-to-date information, research, guidance and policy discussion for professionals in the addiction medicine field.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the conference, participants should be able to:

Employ current and new clinical approaches to treatment in a variety of settings.

Utilize and promote evidence-based approaches for clinical treatment of substance abuse disorders.

Recognize issues addressed in treating individuals in diverse and special populations or with special physical, health and mental illnesses.

Identify and diagnose substance use disorders in clinical populations.

Describe the development of new science and treatments in addiction medicine.

Who Should Attend

An ASAM member and non-members, physicians, psychiatrists, clinicians, researchers, counselors, students, academicians, and other health care professionals dedicated to increasing access and improving the quality of addiction treatment and care.

A physician currently practicing in the field of addiction medicine and wanting to learn the latest scientific information available in addiction medicine.

A practicing physician in primary care or another specialty field seeking to learn more about addiction medicine.

An early-career physician, investigator, researcher or health care professional with a specialty in addiction medicine.

Professionals working with special and diverse patient populations such as military and other organizations.

New Investigator, New Researcher, Physician, Physician Researcher, Primary Care Physician, Student, Young Investigator, Young Scientist