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Companion Diagnostics: From Biomarker Identification to Market Entry
United States
New York

Companion Diagnostics: From Biomarker Identification to Market Entry

April 28 - 29, 2014 The New York Academy of Sciences

Presented by The New York Academy of Sciences

The recent growth in complex biological data has enabled a major paradigm shift in healthcare away from "one-size-fits-all" approaches towards customized, patient-tailored therapies. Biomarker-based companion diagnostics (CDx), designed to identify responsive patient sub-populations or those likely to experience adverse drug effects, lie at the heart of this personalized, precision medicine movement.

This 2-day conference will provide a neutral forum for international scientists and clinicians from academia, industry, and government — as well as healthcare policy makers, regulatory experts, insurance sector representatives, and other stakeholders — to discuss research, financial, and regulatory strategies that will facilitate CDx development and integration into clinical care. Presentations will illustrate successes and failures based on case studies; evaluate emerging applications of technologies such as epigenetics, bioinformatics, and nanotechnology; analyze diverse therapeutic target areas beyond cancer including inflammatory, infectious, cardiovascular, metabolic, and neurodegenerative diseases; recognize regulatory hurdles; and formulate solutions to better improve public health with CDx and personalized medicine.

Molecular Biologist, Physician Researcher
3rd Latin American Meeting on Treatment of Viral Hepatitis

3rd Latin American Meeting on Treatment of Viral Hepatitis

6-7 June 2014 São Paulo, Brazil

This meeting promises again to become a unique high profile educational event with the contribution of key opinion leaders. We have set up a program for treating physicians to discuss the latest developments in the field of Hepatitis B and C treatment and the promising treatment possibilities of new antivirals that are becoming available. The conference presentations will focus on the translation of these new data and availability of new drugs into daily clinical practice. In addition, case discussions will be an important part of this conference, in order to stimulate discussions on local issues and stimulate interaction.

The target audience of this meeting consists of hepatologists, infectious disease doctors, gastro-enterologists and other healthcare professionals involved in daily care for Hepatitis-infected patients.

At the completion of this workshop the participant will:

- have an understanding of the basic concepts of Hepatitis B and C therapy

- be updated on the latest developments in the field of Hepatitis B and C antiviral research

- have an understanding of the challenges of Hepatitis B and C treatment in different patient populations

- have an overview of the advantages and possibilities of new antivirals in Hepatitis B and C therapy

- will know how to apply direct acting antivirals in clinical practice.

Gastroenterologist, Hepatologist, Physician, Physician Researcher
2nd International Symposium on Laboratory Animal Science

2nd International Symposium on Laboratory Animal Science

1-3 December 2014 Bangkok. Thailand

The 2nd International Symposium on Laboratory Animal Science will be held on 1-3 December 2014 at Impact Forum, Bangkok under the theme “Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes: The Way Towards”

Bioethicist, Ethicist, Physician Researcher, Toxicologist, Veterinary Scientist
Singapore Hepatitis Conference

Singapore Hepatitis Conference

6-7 June 2014, Singapore

The Singapore Hepatitis Conference is a truly historic event. Being held from 6-7 June 2014, this inaugural meeting will disseminate the latest developments in Hepatitis B and C. Held in conjunction with the highly regarded Paris Hepatitis Conference, the Singapore edition will feature the latest developments from the field – with a special emphasis on issues of relevance to professionals practicing in the Far East:

• How to optimize current therapy of HCV patients in Asia

• Differences in Approaches to HCV therapy - West vs. East

• Understanding healthcare systems in Asia

• The scope of HBV related liver disease in Asia

• Cost Effectiveness of HBV therapy in Asia

In addition to the above, the Conference will feature - a single session format, keynote lectures, clinical case studies, and so on. We also welcome the submission of abstracts for consideration for oral or poster presentations.

Join experts from across the region for a conference that will offer an independent, high-level postgraduate educational program that’s tailored for specialists who provide care for patients living with Viral hepatitis.

Hepatologist, Physician, Physician Researcher
XIIIth International Nidovirus Symposium

XIIIth International Nidovirus Symposium

June 1st-6th, 2014 Salamanca, Spain

The International Nidovirus Symposia are held every three years to assemble scientists from around the world who are doing research on Nidoviruses.  This large order of enveloped, plus strand RNA viruses consists of many genera and species in the Coronaviridae, Toroviridae, Arteriviridae, Roniviridae families, including many important human and veterinary pathogens, as well as several recently discovered insect viruses in the Mesoniviridae family.  There are now six human coronaviruses (CoV) that cause diseases, ranging in severity from generally mild respiratory infections due to HCoV-229E, HCoV-OC43, HCoV-NL63, and HCoV-HKU1, to highly virulent lower respiratory tract infections due to SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV. SARS-CoV in 2002-03 had a fatality rate of around 10%, but close to 50% in patients over 65 years of age, and the recently emerging MERS-CoV, which has spread to 158 patients in 10 countries (as for November 2013) since its detection in the summer of 2012. The World Health Organization has issued a global alert for MERS-CoV.

CoVs are emerging and re-emerging viruses that can mutate to extend their host range, potentially causing devastating pandemics. Human CoVs apparently were zoonotic viruses that adapted to human-to-human transmission. Surveillance of wild life has shown that SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV were likely derived from bats, and identification of possible intermediate hosts that can spread the virus to humans is a high priority to prevent the continuing rapid spread of MERS-CoV. The rapid development of novel vaccines and antiviral therapies against CoVs that cause acute respiratory syndromes like SARS and MERS is a high priority for governments and public health agencies worldwide.

The XIIIth Nidovirus Symposium will provide scientists from around the world with an extraordinary opportunity to exchange information on MERS-CoV and other Nidoviruses concerning their molecular biology, pathogenesis, determinants of virulence, mechanisms of transmission and epidemiology, phylogeny, host range, diagnosis, strategies for prevention, and development of vaccines and antiviral therapies. Previous Nidovirus Symposia led to international collaborations that have been very important in expediting research on newly emerging and re-emerging Nidoviruses. The XIIIth Nidovirus Symposium will encourage exchange of knowledge and promote discussion on how scientific advances in the field can contribute to efficient responses to emergence and transmission of novel, highly pathogenic human and animal Nidoviruses. Strategies for molecular and serological diagnostic assays, disease control and vaccine development will be discussed.

Epidemiologist, Physician Researcher, Public Health Expert, Veterinary Scientist, Virologist
26th Annual National Conference on Social Work and HIV/AIDS
United States

26th Annual National Conference on Social Work and HIV/AIDS

May 22-25, 2014 Denver, Colorado

Boston College Graduate School of Social Work will conduct the 26th Annual National Conference on Social Work and HIV/AIDS during May 22-25 2014, at the Hyatt Regency Denver-at Colorado Convention Center. The theme of the conference will be: “New Practice Approaches...For a New Era in HIV/AIDS Care”.

We expect over 500 HIV social workers from across the country and a few nations abroad as well. We again will offer over 100 presentations in various conference formats. These will include general sessions, brief reports, posters, individual workshops, and also conversations about best practices. We once again will offer the very popular 12-hour Medical Case Management Institute, developed and taught by colleagues from Diverse Management Solutions in Denver, Colorado.

Several "meet and greet" events and receptions will be held for networking with colleagues. The Professional Association of Social Workers in HIV/AIDS may also host some events. The conference will award 25.5 social work CEUs (continuing education units).

Contact the conference chair, Dr. Vincent Lynch, at if you have questions or wish to be added to the mailing list.

Social Worker
Asia-Pacific Nursing Research Conference

Asia-Pacific Nursing Research Conference

September 11-13, 2014 Taipei, Taiwan

Organized by Taiwan Nurses Association

Main Theme: Promoting Global Health: From Research to Practice

Specific Topics

Disaster nursing

Women's health nursing

Infectious/ communicable disease nursing

Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

Burn/emergency/trauma nursing

Aged-related care

Evidence-based health care

Complementary health practice

Nursing education

Nurses practice environment

Patient safety and quality healthcare

Nursing leadership

Global health


Gerontological Nurse, Nurse, Nurse Educator, Nurse Researcher
Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists 2014 Annual Conference
United States

Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists 2014 Annual Conference

June 22-26, 2014 Nashville, Tennessee

The conference connects more than 1,000 public health epidemiologists from across the country and will include workshops, plenary sessions with leaders in the field of public health, oral breakout sessions, roundtable discussions, and poster presentations. Attendees from across the country meet and share their expertise in surveillance and epidemiology as well as best practices in a broad range of areas including informatics, infectious diseases, immunizations, environmental health, occupational health, chronic disease, injury control, and maternal and child health. Take this opportunity to meet and build relationships with your colleagues.

Epidemiologist, Physician, Public Health Expert, Public Health Worker, Public Servant
Viral Hepatitis Congress 2014

Viral Hepatitis Congress 2014

9–11 October 2014 Frankfurt, Germany

Hepatologist, Physician Researcher, Virologist
18th Symposium on Infections in the Immunocompromised Host

18th Symposium on Infections in the Immunocompromised Host

15 – 17 June 2014 Berlin, Germany

Main Topics

• The microbiome

• Infections in transplant recipients

• Invasive fungal infections and resistance

• Treatment of multi-resistant bacteria

• Infectious complications in immunocompromised children

• Life-threatening infections and intensive care in neutropenic cancer patients

• Antiviral and antifungal immune responses in compromised hosts

• The inflammasome

• Prophylaxis and treatment of viral infections in transplant patients

• Infections in patients with rare congenital immune deficiencies

Critical Care Physician, Hospitalist, Intensivist, Oncologist, Pediatrician, Physician, Physician Researcher