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Call for Session Proposals and Abstracts: 2015 American Occupational Health Conference
United States

Call for Session Proposals and Abstracts: 2015 American Occupational Health Conference

May 3-6, 2015 Baltimore, Maryland

The American Occupational Health Conference (AOHC) is designed for physicians who specialize in or have an interest in occupational and environmental medicine as well as non-physicians who are involved in the field. AOHC offers a variety of educational activities for participants new to OEM as well as for the experienced professional.

Concurrent Session Proposals Deadline: Aug. 3, 2014 11:59pm CT

Scientific Abstracts Deadline: Nov. 9 2014; 11:59pm CT

Resident Abstracts Deadline: Feb. 15, 2015; 11:59pm CT

Medical Resident, Physician Researcher
Call for Abstracts: 3rd World Congress on Controversies, Debates and Consensus in Bone, Muscle and Joint Diseases

Call for Abstracts: 3rd World Congress on Controversies, Debates and Consensus in Bone, Muscle and Joint Diseases

 April 23-26, 2015 Montreal, Canada

Deadline for submission of abstracts: Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

The 3rd World Congress on Controversies, Debates and Consensus in Bone, Muscle and Joint Diseases (BMJD) held under the auspices of the IOF and ESCEO, will take place April 23-26, 2015 in Montreal, Canada.

Over the years, the fields of bone, muscle and joint diseases have undergone enormous expansion in clinical and basic data, as well as that of field-related technology. With the problem of bone, muscle and joint diseases reaching epidemiological dimensions, treatment possibilities have digressed diversely. This development has created a need for debates and discussions on the numerous controversial issues to attain clinical conclusions.

The 3rd edition of BMJD aims to continue facilitating effective debates on unresolved clinical and therapeutic dilemmas, supported by evidence-based medicine and expert opinions resulting in agreement on timely issues. The program provides an effective forum for discussing and debating such unresolved controversies by allowing ample time for speaker-audience discussions with world authorities in the fields of Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Pain, Muscles and Joint Diseases.

The 3rd BMJD Congress will be held under the auspices of the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) and the European Society for Clinical and Economic Aspects of Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis (ESCEO), making an even greater impact on the scientific community.

Pain Specialist, Physician Researcher, Rheumatologist
Call for Abstracts: 28th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
United States

Call for Abstracts: 28th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology

May 6-9, 2015 Phoenix, Arizona

The submittal system will remain open from June 16 to August 4. The system will close at 11:59 pm Pacific Time on the deadline date and additional submissions will not be accepted.

The American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology will hold its 28th Annual Meeting, May 6-9, 2015 in Phoenix, AZ. The ASPHO Program Committee invites the submission of proposals for workshops to be presented during the meeting in Phoenix.

The Program Committee requests that proposals for workshops be interactive problem solving discussions, debates, cases, etc. and geared on the educational needs of a specific audience. Topics can focus on specific diseases, clinical trial updates, disease registries, or professional development. Your workshop will be scored based on both content and planned audience engagement. Moderators should seek participants from a varied group of faculty (e.g.; multiple institutions).

Hematologist, Oncologist, Physician Researcher
Call for Abstracts: Ethics and Professionalism in Health Care. Backgrounds, Frameworks, Challenges

Call for Abstracts: Ethics and Professionalism in Health Care. Backgrounds, Frameworks, Challenges

International conference for young scholars

9th – 13th February 2015 Institute for Medical Ethics and History of Medicine Ruhr University Bochum, Germany

Organisational, societal and ethical aspects in the transformation of health-care professions are currently the subject of intensive discussion. New forms and structures of interprofessional co-operation have been developed in a variety of fields, such as primary care, intensive-care medicine or palliative medicine. The academization of health-care professions and the emergence of new subspecialities generate a need for professional codes, legal regulations and new frameworks for health-care provision.

The interdisciplinary and international conference for young scholars aims to bring together researchers from different disciplines and fields to discuss topics regarding professionalism and interprofessionalism in health care. Contributions on the following subjects may be submitted:

• historical, ethical and societal aspects of the development of health-care professions

• transformation of health-care professions and the physician-patient relationship

• regulatory frameworks and models for interprofessional co-operation in health care

• learning and teaching medical professionalism

• interprofessional health-care education

• ethical challenges to health-care professionalism (e.g. corruption, conflicts of interest)

Young scholars (PhD students and Post Docs) from all health care-related disciplines (such as medicine, medical ethics, nursing science, public health, law, social sciences, history, and philosophy) are invited to present their research projects, to discuss them with leading experts and to contribute to the interdisciplinary discourse. In addition, all participants are invited to prepare a manuscript and to submit it for peer review and publication in a conference volume. Expenses for travel, accommodation and meals will be covered. In addition, all contributors to the book will receive a remuneration of 300 Euro.

Abstracts (approximately 250 words) along with a brief curriculum vitae may be submitted until 7th November 2014 via e-mail to

Dr. med. Sabine Salloch, M.A.
Verena Sandow, M.A.
Institute for Medical Ethics and History of Medicine
Ruhr University Bochum
Markstrasse 258a, 44799 Bochum, Germany

Junior Investigator, Junior Researcher, Junior Scientist, New Investigator, New Researcher, Young Investigator, Young Scientist
Call for Panelists: Anthropology and Mental Health Interest Group Inaugural Conference
United States
Washington, DC

Call for Panelists: Anthropology and Mental Health Interest Group Inaugural Conference

December 2, 2014 American University, Washington, DC

Note: This conference takes place one day prior to the American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting

Conference Theme: Current Issues and Future Directions in the Anthropology of Mental Health

Anthropologists and other scholars are increasingly focusing their attention on the social, cultural, and structural dimensions of mental health. The continued acceleration of globalizing processes, the impact of deleterious social policy and structural conditions on population-level mental health inequities, and the need for culturally appropriate prevention and treatment, all speak to the critical importance of this work. However, because of (sub)-disciplinary compartmentalization, the diverse geographic and occupational settings in which anthropologically-informed mental health issues are addressed have largely gone unrecognized, even among researchers and practitioners who focus on this topic area. This lack of recognition is also due to ongoing epistemological tensions between the (false) dichotomies of theory-praxis and prevention-treatment. Therefore, the purpose of this inaugural conference of the Anthropology and Mental Health Interest Group is to take stock of the current state of anthropologically-informed mental health research and practice; identify areas of theoretical and applied cross-disciplinary collaboration; identify employment and funding opportunities; and map out future directions. Given this broad-based agenda, we are seeking panelists to participate in one of four roundtable discussions:

1)  Anthropological Theory in Mental Health Research and Practice:  This panel is concerned with identifying those theoretical and conceptual approaches that can best illuminate the social, cultural and structural dimensions of mental health and illness;

2)  Community Partnerships and Collaborations: This panel will describe both the challenges and opportunities of developing collaborative relationships between anthropologists and community groups around local- or regionally-based mental health issues and concerns. We particularly welcome joint participation by representatives of community organizations and their research collaborators;

3) Methodological and Ethical Issues in Mental Health Research:  Given the unique vulnerability of populations experiencing mental illness and its associated conditions, this panel will explore some of the methodological and ethical concerns of carrying out research, or developing research-based services, for this population. In an effort to think through some of the best practices of working with populations experiencing mental illness, we particularly welcome panelists who can discuss ways in which they addressed these challenges;

4)  Funding and Career Opportunities for Anthropologists in Mental Health: This panel will identify careers and sources of funding for anthropologists focused on mental health issues.

To be considered as a panelist, please identify the panel in which you wish to participate and submit a very brief abstract (approximately 100 words) describing the issue(s) that you wish to discuss, as well as the ways in which your own work engages with these concerns.  Abstracts are due by August 15, 2014.

Academic, Social Scientist
Call for Abstracts: Shaping the Developing Brain: Prenatal Through Early Childhood
United States
New York

Call for Abstracts: Shaping the Developing Brain: Prenatal Through Early Childhood

November 11 - 13, 2014 The New York Academy of Sciences

Presented by The Aspen Brain Forum Foundation, Science Translational Medicine, and the New York Academy of Sciences

Poster Abstract Deadline: September 15, 2014

The future success of a child is crucially dependent upon the earliest stages of brain development, during pregnancy and infancy. Scientific research from multiple academic and medical disciplines has shown that the changes that take place during this early period of brain development can profoundly shape the rest of a child's life, and affect long-term health, well-being, and cognitive ability.

As a child grows — from inside the womb through the first few years of life — massive changes take place in the connectivity and plasticity of the brain. Deepening our understanding of the connection between a child’s early behavioral milestones and their brain’s structural and neural development is a critical first step for promoting healthy brain development, as well as improving treatments for developmental and learning disorders. Additionally, functional or dysfunctional social and family relationships, socioeconomic status/poverty, stress, nutrition, and other environmental experiences produce lasting effects on the brain and impact how children will respond to adversity, how they will interact with their peers, and whether they will succeed in school and throughout their lives.

This 2.5-day conference will convene leading researchers with expertise in the fundamental stages of early brain development, and will focus on the connection between research and improved outcomes for children.  Conference speakers will present the latest discoveries from cognitive neuroscience and experimental psychology regarding typical and atypical development of human learning and memory, emotion, and social behavior in the first few years of life. They will also explore socioeconomic, family, and nutritional factors that can affect brain and behavior.  The conference will highlight educational practices, health and nutrition practices, applied research, and government policy with the potential for enhancing healthy brain development and improving outcomes for at-risk children.

This conference will feature a dedicated session: Spotlight on Nutrition and Brain Development, co-presented with The Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science, a program of the New York Academy of Sciences.

The deadline for poster abstract submission is Monday, September 15, 2014.

Select abstracts will be chosen for oral presentation during the Hot Topics session. For complete abstract submission instructions, please send an email to with "Abstract Information" in the subject line. There is no need to type a message; instructions will be forwarded automatically. Please call 212.298.8681 with any questions

Neuroscientist, Nutritionist, Physician Researcher, Psychologist, Public Health Expert, Public Servant
Call for Abstracts: Gerry Schwartz and Heather Reisman 4th International Conference on Pediatric Chronic Diseases, Disability and Human Development

Call for Abstracts: Gerry Schwartz and Heather Reisman 4th International Conference on Pediatric Chronic Diseases, Disability and Human Development

January 20-23, 2015 Jerusalem, Israel

Deadline date for the submission of abstracts: 30 September, 2014

List of Topics

Managing and Coping with Childhood Chronic Diseases

Early Intervention for Chronic Conditions in Childhood

Family Support and Empowerment

Community Responsibility and Services

Cultural Aspects of Care

Adolescence with Chronic Disease and/or Disability

Becoming an Adult With Chronic Disease and/or Disability

Behavioral Aspects of Children with Chronic Disease and/or Disability

Palliative Care

End of Life of Children

Primary Care of the Child with Chronic Disease and Disability

Ethical Aspect

Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Maltreatment

Outcome of Prematurity



Eating Disorders

Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Effect of Poverty on the Growing Child

Rehabilitation of Children

Services, Care, Policy and Transition

Behavioral Scientist, Bioethicist, Ethicist, Health Services Researcher, Pediatrician, Physician Researcher, Policy Analyst, Social Worker
Call for Papers: 6th International Academic Conference on Environmental and Occupational Medicine

Call for Papers: 6th International Academic Conference on Environmental and Occupational Medicine

16-18 October 2014 Suzhou, China

Submission deadline: 30 August 2014

Environment and human health are closely related. One recent trend is the integration of environmental and occupational medicine, two of the hottest subjects in public health. Since 2002, the Journal of Environmental and Occupational Medicine (JEOM) and Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in alliance with various institutions such as  Environmental Health Perspectives, the California Department of Public Health, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, have successfully held five international academic conferences on environmental and occupational medicine which have been well received by both domestic and international experts and peers. A wide spectrum of participants were invited to exchange ideas on themes including “Environment, Ecology, Occupation, and Healthy Cities”, “Environment, Occupation, and Protection of Human Resources in the Rapid Development of Economy”, “Healthy Environment and Harmonious Society”, and “Environment and Health with Emphasis on Environment-related Effects of Climate Change, Urbanization, and Occupation on Public Health”. The proceedings of the third to fifth international conferences (2004, 2006, 2010) are indexed by Conference Proceedings Citation Index—Science, which has effectively boosted the journal’s and the conferences’ international impact.

We are honored to invite you to the 6th International Academic Conference on Environmental and Occupational Medicine to be held in Suzhou, China,  16-18 October 2014. The JEOM 30th Anniversary and the East China Occupational Health Congress will be held in tandem. Participants will share the latest findings in these fields including but not limited to environmental and occupational medicine, environmental protection, meteorology, agriculture, and safety supervision, and will look to future trends with the aim of building a stronger professional collaboration and eventually promoting human health.


Environment and Health Promotion: Translating Research into Action

Parallel sessions

Prevention and control for environment-related diseases

Health protection for occupational populations

Omics of environmental and occupational medicine

Environmental policies and public health


Policy and decision making on environment and health

Legislation, supervision, management, and service system construction against occupational diseases

Public health system reform and environmental health risk response

Dimensions of environmental and health data, indicators, and risk assessments

Forecasting, warning, and responding to natural disasters, extreme weather events, and resulting diseases

Impacts of natural ecosystems on human health

Health Impact of climate (types and changes) and indoor air quality

Biomonitoring: new issues and discoveries

Food and drinking water safety system: exposure and risk assessment of chemical pollutants

Health impacts of working conditions and job stress

Other multidisciplinary studies with relevance to environmental and occupational medicine


All manuscripts should be written in English or Chinese and must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document. The accepted English manuscripts will be published in the Conference proceedings (official publication), which will be indexed by CPCI-S. Please e-mail us if authors disagree with any of the above.

Manuscripts should include the following sections in this order: Title; Author name(s); Author affiliation(s); Postcode(s); E-mail(s); Tel(s); Abstract; Keywords (3-8); Introduction; Materials and Methods; Results; Discussion; Conclusions; References. Please visit to register before submitting.

If authors would like their manuscript to be considered for publication in JEOM, please visit

The work should not be published or under consideration for publication anywhere else. The authors take full and sole responsibility for their paper.

Contact Wang Xiao-yu, Wang Yuan

Tel: +86-21-61957512, 61957516
Fax: +86-21-62084529

Physician Researcher, Policy Analyst, Public Health Expert, Public Health Worker, Public Servant
Call for Abstracts: American Psychiatric Association 168th Annual Meeting

Call for Abstracts: American Psychiatric Association 168th Annual Meeting

Toronto, Canada - May 16-21, 2015

"Psychiatry: Integrating Body and Mind, Heart and Soul"

DEADLINE: midnight Eastern Standard Time on Tuesday, September 9, 2014.

Please submit for the following formats:

• International Poster

• Medical Student/Resident Competition Poster

• Workshop

• Scientific and Clinical Report

• Symposium

Physician Researcher, Psychiatrist
Call for Abstracts: 37th Asia Pacific Dental Congress (APDC 2015)

Call for Abstracts: 37th Asia Pacific Dental Congress (APDC 2015)

 3 – 5 April 2015 Singapore

Abstract Submission Deadline: 4 November 2014

Hosted by the Singapore Dental Association (SDA) in association with the Asia Pacific Dental Federation (APDF), the 37th Asia Pacific Dental Congress (APDC 2015) will be held from 3 – 5 April 2015 at the Suntec Singapore. Themed ‘Meeting Future Challenges Today’, APDC 2015 will be an excellent platform to meet and dissect challenges in the field and will feature:

• Unparalleled scientific program with plenary sessions, lunch symposia and hands-on workshops

• Distinguished international speakers who will share significant new developments and scientific advancements

• Comprehensive trade exhibition showcasing newest materials and technology in dentistry

• Exciting social programs with plenty of networking opportunities

Abstract topics

Abstracts will be classified under specific categories for review and program purposes. Presenters are requested to select the topic under which their abstracts belong:

1. General Dentistry and Oral Health

2. Preventive Dentistry

3. Dental Treatment & Restorative Dentistry

4. Oral Surgery & Oral Medicine

For questions regarding the submission process, please send an e-mail to

Allied Health Professional, Dentist