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Call for Papers: Beilstein Glyco-Bioinformatics Symposium

Call for Papers: Beilstein Glyco-Bioinformatics Symposium

Unraveling Glycan Complexity

Beilstein Glyco-Bioinformatics Symposium 2015

22–26 June 2015 Potsdam, Germany

Aspects covered by this conference

Carbohydrates in diagnosis and therapy

Bridging the gap between analysis and storage of glycan data

Structure–function relationships of carbohydrates

Carbohydrate–protein interaction and glycoarrays

This Beilstein Glyco-Bioinformatics Symposium provides young scientists the opportunity to present the latest and hottest results from their research with either presenting a poster and a short oral presentation or demonstrating a piece of software. The organizers would be pleased to receive your application for one of the few slots by sending your abstract.

Abstracts for Poster and Software Applications

Abstracts for both the poster presentation and software demonstration should be submitted electronically by 27 March 2015 to the following email address:

Please state either 'Poster Proposal Beilstein Glyco-Bioinformatics 2015' or 'Software Demo Proposal Beilstein Glyco-Bioinformatics 2015' in the subject of your message. Abstracts cannot be submitted by fax, or hard copy.

Please note that poster abstracts can only be considered for scientific review if they are accompanied with both the submission of the completed application form for the poster/software presentation and the participant registration form.The receipt of the submission will be sent to the stated email address. If you do not receive the confirmatory email within 24 hours, please contact us at:

Abstracts must be written in English and must not exceed 300 words / 2000 characters (including spaces and excluding title and contact information on authors). The abstracts will be reviewed and selected by the organizers for both poster presentation and a short oral presentation (max. 5 minutes).

The applying authors will be notified if their abstracts are accepted by 17 April 2015. Presenting authors are waived the conference fee.

Bioinformatician, Scientist
Contributed Papers Call for Abstracts: American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting & Exposition
United States

Contributed Papers Call for Abstracts: American Pharmacists Association Annual Meeting & Exposition

March 27–30, 2015 San Diego, California

Submission deadline: October 6, 2014 5:00 PM EDT

APhA is accepting abstracts for its 2015 Annual Meeting & Exposition through October 6, 2014 at 5:00 pm ET. All investigators are invited to submit abstracts on topics pertaining to pharmacy practice and pharmacy-focused scientific research. Projects must address issues relevant to practicing pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists.

APhA accepts the following abstract types:

Contributed Research Papers

Innovative Practice Reports

Reports on Projects in Progress

Encore Presentations

Abstracts must be submitted online and are subject to a double-blinded peer-review process.

Accepted abstracts will be e-published only in the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association (JAPhA) at Abstracts submitted as Encore Presentations are not published in their entirety; for these, only the abstract title, authors, and original citation will be published in JAPhA.


Contact Stacy Berkowitz for more information.

Allied Health Professional, Clinical Pharmacist, Pharmacist
Call for Abstracts: National Association of Neonatal Therapists 5th Annual Conference
United States

Call for Abstracts: National Association of Neonatal Therapists 5th Annual Conference

April 10 - 11, 2015

Pre-Conference: April 9, 2015

Phoenix, Arizona

Submission Deadline: Friday, September 12, 2014.

Notification date: Monday, October 27, 2014

Whether you’re serving babies and families in the NICU, colleagues, or students, there’s one vital question to ask yourself: What can I do to elevate this experience?

This question changes things. Your perspective is immediately re-framed.

If I’m asked to report in rounds on the feeding progress of one of our patients, and I ask myself that question, it certainly changes the manner in which I reply. (It almost makes me stand up straighter!) And just think of how it could positively affect patient care, a new student, or interaction with a new NICU parent in need of connection and support.

It takes you out of your routine and begs you to seek improvement in every opportunity that lies before you. This applies to patient care, education, interpersonal relationships, speaking, research and more.

For that and many reasons, the theme for the 5th Annual NANT Conference is: Elevate the Experience!

How are YOU (and/or your amazing colleagues) currently elevating practice, knowledge, leadership, research or education?

Submit your work for the 2015 NANT Conference and help all neonatal therapists (and our esteemed colleagues) elevate the experience.

Allied Health Professional, Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Speech Pathologist
Call for Abstracts: Society for Public Health Education 66th Annual Meeting
United States

Call for Abstracts: Society for Public Health Education 66th Annual Meeting

Blazing a Trail for Health Education and Health Promotion

April 23-25, 2015 Portland, Oregon

Submission Deadline: September 22, 2014, 11:59 PM ET

The Society for Public Health Education’s 66th Annual Meeting, Blazing a Trail for Health Education and Health Promotion, offers an exciting opportunity to share your research findings, program impacts, policy changes, perspectives, and expertise with the health education and health promotion professional community. The conference will be held in Portland, Oregon, April 23-25, 2015. Join us in sharing your latest research and practice in health education and health promotion. You are invited to submit a proposal for an oral presentation, workshop, poster, think tank, and/or roundtable at the Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) 2015 Annual Meeting.


• Health Education & Promotion Professionals

• School Health Educators/School Health Education Coordinators

• Tribes and Tribal Organizations

• Public Health Practitioners

• Mental Health Professionals

• Chronic Disease Directors

• Health Education/Promotion Students

• Community-Based Organizations and Staff

• Epidemiologists

• Allied Health Professionals

• Social Marketers

• Informatics Professionals

• Community Health & Public Health Education Faculty

• Health Communication Professionals

• Patient Educators

• Pharmacists

• Behavioral/Social Scientists

• Dietitians & Nutritionists

• Health/Social Policy Experts Focusing on Health Promotion

• Social Workers

• Health Administrators

• Nurses & Nurse Practitioners

• Clinicians

• Ethicists

• Community Members

Allied Health Professional, Behavioral Scientist, Community Activist, Dietitian, Epidemiologist, Ethicist, Health Educator, Health Services Researcher, Healthcare Administrator, Informatician, Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Researcher, Nutritionist, Pharmacist, Physician, Physician Researcher, Policy Analyst, Public Health Expert, Public Health Worker, Public Servant, School Nurse, Social Scientist, Social Worker
Call for Proposals: 13th Annual Depression on College Campuses Conference
United States

Call for Proposals: 13th Annual Depression on College Campuses Conference

March 11-12, 2015 Ann Arbor, Michigan

Submission deadline is September 8, 2014.

Proposals are now being accepted for the 13th Annual University of Michigan Depression on College Campuses Conference. You are invited to submit proposals for workshops, concurrent sessions, and poster displays relating to the 2015 theme of “Redefining the Culture of Stress.” (working title)

Each year the Depression on College Campuses Conference hosts attendees from over 50 colleges and universities from across the nation for a focused review of recent research and practical advances in our understanding of depressive illnesses in college students. A Conference Planning Committee, co-chaired by Dr. John F. Greden, Dr. Daniel Eisenberg, and Dr. Todd Sevig, and including members from across the University of Michigan campus, will review and select all workshop, concurrent session, and poster session proposals.

Conference Learning Objectives

Depression among college students is an urgent public health problem. If we are to prevent the progression, chronicity, recurrence, and burden of depression, we must emphasize earlier detection, intervention, and ultimately, prevention.

Learning objectives and expected results for the conference participants are an improved understanding and ability to implement:

Best practices for prevention and intervention methods to address stress, anxiety, depression and related illnesses among college students;

Research which demonstrates the impact of campus mental health programs and services which result in higher retention and graduation rates, stronger community engagement and connectedness, and the formation of positive social relationships;

Outreach models to reach students with depressive illnesses, or who are at risk of developing a depressive illness, in order to help these students to engage in treatment which will enhance their ability to manage stress and achieve success during their college career;

University policies and programs which aim to address the culture of extreme competitiveness and severe stress on many campuses, in order to improve student mental health and overall wellness.


The conference attracts a multi-disciplinary audience of professionals working on college campuses, including:

Counselors and Counseling Center Directors



Academic Advisors

Student Affairs administrators and staff




Presentation topics

The 2015 conference theme is “Depression on College Campuses: Redefining the Culture of Stress.”  (working title).

According to the spring 2012 American College Health Association National College Health Assessment undergraduate summary, more than half of college students reported above average or tremendous stress levels, and 30 percent of students said it had a negative impact on their academic performance. In addition, research indicates that students who suffer from severe stress may become depressed, and experience adverse physical health. While most university administrators would agree that too much stress is a bad thing, the campus culture which they cultivate often contributes to feelings of severe stress among students. Must student success always be equated with stress?

The 2015 Depression on College Campuses Conference will ask the question, “Is it is possible to simultaneously promote academic rigor and student wellness?” and explore how colleges and universities can redefine their campus climate by recognizing and counterbalancing the negative effects of stress in order to create a healthy academic culture.

To this end, we are looking for presentations on model programs, evidence-based practices, and research studies that demonstrate how a focus on improving student mental health by reducing stress on campus ­– and by helping students to cope more effectively with the inevitable bouts of stress that will occur – can improve overall student wellness and allow students to achieve their full potential. We are also looking for presentations related to how the academic environment and related programs might influence mental health (e.g., the impact of competitiveness and academic support on mental health).

Academic, Behavioral Scientist, Clinical Psychologist, Graduate Student, Health Educator, Health Services Researcher, Physician Researcher, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Public Health Expert, Public Health Worker, Public Servant, Student, Student Researcher
Call for Abstracts: Society of Gynecologic Nurse Oncologists 32nd Annual Symposium
United States

Call for Abstracts: Society of Gynecologic Nurse Oncologists 32nd Annual Symposium

March 25-28, 2015 Boston, Massachusetts

Submission Deadline: September 10, 2014.

The Symposium is a great place for you to share your research, present a case study, or showcase your special knowledge about gynecology-oncology nursing. We encourage participation from all areas, including inpatient and outpatient settings, research, office or ambulatory practice, administration and industry. For further details, contact symposium program chair Carol Prone

Also, nurses providing direct patient care in the inpatient or outpatient areas are eligible for the Paula Major Lectureship Award

SGNO wants your abstract for a podium presentation or roundtable discussion.

Suggested topics from our 2014 Symposium Evaluations include:

Cervical Cancer (Recurrent, HPV, Smoking), Alternative Therapies, Psychosocial Support

(Faith & Spirituality, Care giver role strain, Counseling the Significant Other, QOL, Less Common GYN Cancers (Borderline tumors, Germ Cell, Granulosa Cell, Yolk sac, Carcinosarcoma), Pharmacy ( Safe handling of chemotherapy, Carboplatin reactions, Electrolyte Imbalance, IP chemotherapy and adverse effects, medicinal marijuana, HRT), Surgery ( Pelvic Exenteration, Robotic, to morcellate or not to morcellate, post–op complications), Wound and Ostomy Care, Radiation Therapy, Genetics & Research, Ethics, Out-Patient Care, Gyn-Onc care for elderly women, Professional Development topics, and Education of the public.

Bioethicist, Nurse, Nurse Researcher
Call for Papers: American Neurotology Society 50th Annual Spring Meeting
United States

Call for Papers: American Neurotology Society 50th Annual Spring Meeting

April 24-26, 2015 Boston, Massachusetts

Deadline for abstract submission: October 15, 2014

For questions or additional information, please contact:

ANS Executive Administrator
Kristen Bordignon
4960 Dover St. NE
St. Petersburg, FL 33703
Ph: 217-638-0801
Fax: 727-800-9428

Otologist, Physician Researcher
Call for Proposals: Disability/Culture: New Grounds. A Practice-Based Research Symposium
United States

Call for Proposals: Disability/Culture: New Grounds. A Practice-Based Research Symposium

February 3rd to 6th 2015

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Deadline for applications: August 1st 2014, notification: September 15th 2014.

In our seventh practice-based research symposium at the University of Michigan, and as the Initiative on Disability Studies’ Spring Conference, we’ll investigate cultural practices around cognitive, emotional, sensory, and embodied differences that trouble an assumption of similarity of time, space, and communication practice.

From crip time to neurodiversity, from pain space to Deaf gain, from access intimacy to decolonial crip methods, what are new(er) ways of thinking about disability and the arts (of living)? How can we think about the ethics of reciprocity, about new ways of being audience, being performer, being in shared (academic/art/life) space? How can art/life practices trouble older ways of thinking about artistic and academic disciplinarities?

We invite up to five fellows (grad students, faculty, artists) to come together for four days, to workshop, use performances and presentations as provocations, and explore methods of merging art practice, conviviality, and critical encounter. The specific topics we will explore are open, and will be determined by applicants’ interests. We will be in research practice together: this is not a conference to share the results of previous research or practice. Thus, we are not looking for papers, we are looking for participants in this experiment. Come and share the excitement of your creative and/or critical research, present a workshop based on your inquiry, and find out what happens. The experiment lies in finding a path toward accessible artful community together.

Before the symposium, a small collection of material from all participants will be made available to prepare us for our time together. During the symposium, each fellow will have (up to) two hours to engage others in a seminar. We will be in residence at the Duderstadt Video Performance Studio on the University of Michigan's North Campus, home to multiple performance technologies, with innovative tech wizards at the ready.

Each invitee will have transport and accommodation costs reimbursed up to $500 dollars. The conference hotel offers rooms for about sixty dollars a night, and we will assist people who want to be hosted by graduate students and locals.

Application Process: please email us a short CV, a sample of your work, and a brief statement about why you would like to participate. Direct all materials to the symposium director, Petra Kuppers,

Academic, Artist, Graduate Student
Call for Papers: Narrative and Medicine: Caring for the Future

Call for Papers: Narrative and Medicine: Caring for the Future

International Interdisciplinary Conference

March 5-6, 2015 Lisbon, Portugal


(Con)texts and Practices Across Disciplines

University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

The concept of Narrative Medicine, established by Rita Charon, among others, in the late 1990s, claimsthat a patient-centred medical practice should include the competence to interpret “stories of illness” in order to better attend to the personal experience of illness (Charon 2006). Drawing on the works of Paul Ricoeur, who argued for the narrative roots of identity, Narrative-Based Medicine recognizes the inter-subjective nature of the therapeutic relationship and affirms the relevance of narrative knowledge for the diagnosis, the therapeutic process, the education of patients and healthcare professionals, and for research (Greenhalgh & Hurwitz, 1998).

Strengthened by the integrative medicine movement that emerged in the 1990s, NBM/Narrative-Based Medicine proposes to complement the prevalent rational and objective paradigm of EBM/Evidence-Based-Medicine, considering that the present techno-scientific developments call for a humanistic reorientation towards an “ethics of relationship” and empathy (Hervé et al., 2001), of generosity and singularity. The role of NBM is recognized today, both for its large critical output (Zaner, Charon, Frank, Hurwitz, Danou), and for the simultaneous development of medical training programmes in North America and in European countries such as the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France and more recently Portugal.

In line with the multidisciplinary innovative research developed by the project Narrative & Medicine: (con)texts and practices across disciplines, we launch a Call for papers for an interdisciplinary conference, aiming to provide a forum for healthcare professionals and international and national scholars from the Humanities and Medicine, interested in discussing the future of this subject.

Topics of inquiry include but are not limited to:

Humanities methodologies for the Medical Sciences

Social impacts and impact areas of Medical Humanities

Narrative Medicine and medical education

Patient care, health care, caregivers and social health conditions

Vulnerability and clinical relationship

Illness, medical care and their literary and artistic manifestations

Narrative and ethics

Narrative medicine, neuroscience and cultural anthropology

Narratives and experiences of illness

Narratives and medical experience

Narrative and trauma

The limits of representing illness

Art and art therapies

“Affect theory” and Narrative Medicine

Literature in Narrative Medicine and its implications for Literary Studies

The programme includes plenary sessions with keynote speakers and break-out parallel sessions subject to abstract submission.

The proposals will be submitted to the Scientific Committee and must include the following:


summary (between 200 and 300 words)

4 key-words

author(s) name (s); institutional affiliation; e-mail

bio-bibliographical note (max. 150 words)

Languages: Portuguese, English, French

Important dates

Conference announcement (CFP): 8 April 2014

Deadline for abstract submissions: 31 July 2014

Notification of acceptance: 30 September 2014

Provisional programme: 15 November 2014

Definitive programme: 6 February 2015

Abstracts must be sent to the following e-mail:


31 October: 100 Euros

31 October to 31 January: 150 Euros

Students (Graduate, Master, PhD): 30 Euros


ULICES – University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies

Academic, Art Therapist, Artist, Medical Faculty Member, Nurse Researcher, Physician Researcher, Psychologist, Psychotherapist
AALS Section on Law, Medicine and Health Care Call for Papers for a Special Works-in-Progress for New Law School Teachers Program
United States
Washington, DC

AALS Section on Law, Medicine and Health Care Call for Papers for a Special Works-in-Progress for New Law School Teachers Program

AALS Annual Meeting, Washington, DC Saturday, January 3, 2015

The AALS Section on Law, Medicine and Health Care is pleased to announce a Call for Papers for a special Works-in-Progress for New Law School Teachers Program. The Section will run the Program from 5:15 to 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, January 3, at the AALS 2015 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.

This program will bring together junior and senior health law scholars for a lively discussion of the junior scholar’s’ works-in-progress. Junior health law scholars will submit papers that they expect to submit in the spring 2015 law review submission cycle. After they briefly present their papers in a concurrent roundtable setting, senior scholars will provide oral comments and critiques. This new program presents an opportunity for the audience to hear cutting edge health law scholarship by recent members of the academy.

We will limit our selection to two or three papers.

Form & Length of Submission

Eligible faculty members are invited to submit either manuscripts or abstracts dealing with any aspect of health law or policy. Abstracts must be comprehensive enough to allow the committee to meaningfully evaluate the aims and likely content of the papers proposed. Papers may be accepted for publication but must be at a stage where input still would be useful. Papers must not be published prior to the Annual Meeting.

Deadline & Submission Method

To be considered, manuscripts or abstracts and a CV must be submitted electronically to both:

Chair, Section on Law, Medicine, and Health Care

Ani B. Satz, Emory University School of Law, 

Chair-elect, Section on Law, Medicine, and Health Care

Thaddeus Pope, Hamline University School of Law,  The deadline for submission is September 1, 2014.

Selection & Notification

Papers will be selected after careful review and discussion by the Executive Board of the AALS Section on Law, Medicine, and Health Care.

The authors of the selected papers will be notified by September 22, 2014.

If a selected author has submitted only an abstract for review, the author must submit the corresponding manuscript by December 15, 2014.

The Call for Paper participants will be responsible for paying their annual meeting registration fee and travel expenses.


Full-time untenured faculty members of AALS member law schools are eligible to submit papers. The following are ineligible to submit: foreign, visiting (without a full-time position at an AALS member law school) and adjunct faculty members, graduate students who are not also enrolled in a qualifying J.D. program, fellows, non-law school faculty, and faculty at fee-paid non-member schools. Papers co-authored with a person ineligible to submit on their own may be submitted by the eligible co-author.

Academic, Lawyer